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Dr. Scot McKnight gave four lectures in October at Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University. Listen in here.

I haven’t listened yet, but they look pretty interesting. The titles are:

Lecture # 1. American Evangelicalism & the Pastor

Lecture # 2. Universalism & the Pastor

Lecture # 3. The Gospel & the Pastor

Lecture # 4. The Atonement & the Pastor

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Be warned: The conversation really heats up at about the 2:30 mark.

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Listen here.

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It’s becoming a common experience of mine that I am surprised when I see a lecture on Regent Radio that sounds incredibly boring but is actually very good. I was listening today from work & the lecture was by Hans Boersma, titled The Protestant Reformation: Gains & Losses, an individual lecture from the series, Christian Thought & Culture II. I wasn’t expecting much really, but it ended up being a real beast of a lecture. The bulk of it focused on historical reasons for the Protestant Reformation and the various effects we are feeling today from it, but he talks a good deal about Platonism, Theological interpretation of Scripture, “postmodern” evangelicalism (whatever that even means), 16th century Catholic theology, and how best to strive for the unity of the Church without being “theologically lazy”. Really, really, interesting stuff. At the end there are responses from some of the other Regent professors, but other than the first one by Don Lewis, they all kind of fall under either “I don’t really have anything to say but I should probably say something” or “you didn’t say everything, so you must be wrong (even though I don’t know at what point)”.

By the time anyone reads this, the lecture will probably be down and something else up, but you should think about giving it a listen, no matter how boring it might sound. 😉

Listen to Regent Radio here.

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Craig Koester, New Testament professor at Luther Seminary, walks through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation here. He even sings a little.

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I’m not that big on Brueggemann for the most part, but, man, are these good! Thanks to Truett Seminary (at Baylor) for making these available.

Lecture #1

Lecture #2

Lecture #3

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