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Pretty timely, I think, seeing as Futato is academic dean at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, which has been at the center of a small hurricane lately. For those who don’t know, Bruce Waltke recently resigned as professor of Old Testament at RTS, after a video appeared of him endorsing theistic evolution, which he does not see as being in conflict with Genesis 1 to 3. I won’t comment on the ordeal, except to say that: 1) I was very surprised to see this being made this big of a deal (Waltke’s views were not secret, nor all that rare), and 2) From everything I have read, Dr. Waltke has handled the situation with humility & grace. He truly lives it.

Anyway, it’s an interesting set of lectures. I’ll leave it to others to judge whether Dr. Futato is another naive scholar who is smuggling in a “Trojan horse that, once inside our gates, must cause the entire fortress of Christian belief to fall under the humanistic sword”.

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Well, it’s time for the obligatory top 5 list. These are the top 5 books that I read in 2009. Only one was actually released this year, and it was a new edition reprint. These are in no particular order.

1. Bruce Waltke – An Old Testament Theology

A pleasure to read. Waltke’s love for the Old Testament comes through on every page. I would have liked a little more on the prophets, but who am I to complain? Maybe we’ll get something fresh on the prophetic literature from Waltke’s pen at some point in the future.

2. David Alan Black – Learn to Read New Testament Greek

Probably as fun as a beginning Greek textbook could possibly be, and it’s definitely worth the time spent studying & working through it. I’ve already got a list of people who I plan on loaning it to once I finish.

3. Gordon Fee – God’s Empowering Presence

Enough said.

4. V. Phillips Long, Iaian Provan, & Tremper Longman III – A Biblical History of Israel

I wasn’t what I expected, but it certainly was worth reading and will definitely be one that I will return to. The bibliography gave me loads of new books to go on the “wanted” list. This one has also wins the “most annoying endnotes ever” award for the year. Flipping to the back is always a pain, but in a book like this, it’s almost unforgivable.  Almost.

5. Bishop NT Wright – The Resurrection of the Son of God (again) (sort of)

Right, so I read this one straight through back when it came out, and loved it. Well, I happened to pick it up this year to see what he had to say about a certain passage in Paul, and ended up basically reading the last 2/3 or so straight through again. If on the off chance you haven’t read this one, you really should do yourself a favor and pick it up. I simply can’t say enough about the thing.

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And it’s a good one. The audio is here (scroll down)

Check it out when you get the chance. I listened to it on a long drive at the end of long day, and it really spoke to me. Thanks to Believer’s Chapel in Dallas, TX for making this available.


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