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That the letters to the seven churches often betray characteristics of the cities in which these churches flourished reminds us how easily churches can reflect the values of their culture is we do not remain vigilant against those values. (This is especially true of the less persecuted churches.) …The two cities that are now completely uninhabited belong to two of the churches most severely rebuked (Sardis & Laodicea); the two cities that held put longest before the Turkish conquest are the only two churches fully praised (Smyrna & Philadelphia) …Such parallels may be coincidence, but they might also illustrate a pattern in history: The church, no matter how powerless in a  given society, is a guardian of its culture. Just as the presence of the righteous in Sodom was the only factor that could have restrained judgement, the fate of a culture may depend ultimately on the behavior of believers in that culture. Given the high degree of assimilation of North American Christians to our culture’s values – more time spent on entertainment than on witness, more money spent on our comfort than on human need – the prognosis for our society as a whole is not good.

Craig Keener, Revelation (NIVAC), pp. 109 – 110

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I can’t get enough of this guy. Dr. Keener is currently professor of New Testament at Palmer Theological Seminary, & the author of numerous books at all levels. You can check out his homepage here. If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing him lecture or teach, please check out the following talks from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. Good stuff!

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