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Pretty timely, I think, seeing as Futato is academic dean at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, which has been at the center of a small hurricane lately. For those who don’t know, Bruce Waltke recently resigned as professor of Old Testament at RTS, after a video appeared of him endorsing theistic evolution, which he does not see as being in conflict with Genesis 1 to 3. I won’t comment on the ordeal, except to say that: 1) I was very surprised to see this being made this big of a deal (Waltke’s views were not secret, nor all that rare), and 2) From everything I have read, Dr. Waltke has handled the situation with humility & grace. He truly lives it.

Anyway, it’s an interesting set of lectures. I’ll leave it to others to judge whether Dr. Futato is another naive scholar who is smuggling in a “Trojan horse that, once inside our gates, must cause the entire fortress of Christian belief to fall under the humanistic sword”.

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