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As Paul put it, the glory of God has been imaged for us in the one true human who bears the divine image, Christ himself; and by beholding his face, we see the glory of the eternal God (2 Cor 3:18; 4:4, 6). The burden of this book is that we must recognize the same to be true about the Spirit, not simply theoretically, but really and experientially. The Spirit is not lightly called the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Christ has put a human face on the Spirit as well. If we are truly to understand Paul, and to capture the crucial role of the Spirit in his theology, we must begin with his thoroughly Trinitarian presuppositions. Not only has the coming of Christ changed everything for Paul, so too has the coming of the Spirit. In dealing with the Spirit, we are dealing with none other than the personal presence of God himself

God’s Empowering Presence, p.6

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