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After saying ‘When I was a child’, the apostle Paul goes on to add, ‘Now we see through a glass darkly’. Here is the second proof of our present weakness, in that our knowledge is imperfect. And the third proof is found in the word darkly. A little child sees, hears, and says many things but does not understand anything in an analytical manner. The child knows something at one level, but knows nothing  properly. In the same way, I know many things in one way, but at another level I do not know them at all. I know that God is everywhere and that all of Him is everywhere, but I do not know how that is possible. I know that He is without beginning, unbegotten and eternal, but again I do not know how this can be. The human mind is unable to understand how something that does not owe its origin either to itself or to anything else can be called a substance. I know that He has begotten the Son, but I do not know how. I also know that the Spirit comes from Him, but again I have no idea how.

– John Chrysostom, On the Incomprehensible Nature of God

Thanks to Adrianna Wright at Intervarsity Press, I have really been enjoying We Believe in One God, the first volume in the Ancient Christian Doctrine series. The Book is the first in a series of commentaries on the Nicene Creed, culled entirely from the early church (AD 95 to AD 750). It’s a great resource!

To give an idea of the content of the book, over the next few weeks or so, Fridays will feature a quote (or a few quotes) that seemed particularly insightful, interesting, or even silly, from one  of the fathers of the church.

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